NeuroImpulse Protocol Newcastle 2014

Newcastle, Australia

What is NeuroImpulse Protocol or NIP? It is a rational protocol of assessment and correction of the subluxation, based on the natural laws of physics and best available evidence from the published literature.

The technique is named “neuro” and “impulse” as these two words best describe what is done. The focus of the assessment is on cortical function and the adjustment is an impulse style thrust that aims to restore functional balance to the brain and cord. There is no emphasis on “moving” anything and manipulative techniques are never employed.

NIP Spinal Basics Adelaide 2013NeuroImpulse Protocol Basics are being taught at the Novotel Newcastle Beach, 5 King St Newcastle, north of Sydney, between March 21st-23rd 2014. Highly recommended for those not exposed to NIP before and seeking a safe and rational technique to build family practices with.

New chiropractic graduates are highly encouraged to attend this event. NIP allows you an alternative to manual adjustments with a solid, evidence based foundation underpinning it. There is no better way for chiropractors to start seeing babies and children in practice than to learn and develop your skills in NIP.

Download the enrolment PDF right here for all details and visit and recheck the seminars section.

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